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Many people know the Doctor Who name but have no idea what the Doctor does and what he has done. The complete history of the Doctor Who entire history is a fantastic story of this great Doctor Who. If you are looking for a great story to watch, this is an excellent series for you. The story tells about Doctor Who characters and how they came to be the way they are and the adventure they have been involved in over the years. You will have plenty of fun while enjoying the adventures of this renowned Doctor detective. It takes you into the 1960s and introduces you to the Doctor, who would go on to be known as the Doctor Who we know today. This is a great book and one that any Doctor Who fan should buy.

The Story of Doctor Who

Doctor Who is a famous British sci-fi that tackles the story of the world's greatest science fiction detective, Doctor Who. The series covers almost every moment in Doctor Who's career and his adventures and time travel alongside his companions. Doctor Who gives watchers and fans a unique insight into what makes this fantastic Doctor Who series so popular with children and adults alike. You'll discover the real secrets behind the Daleks. You will also know why the doctor has the same face in every story and how he deals with both time travel and Paradox Space. This series indeed provides an up to date look at Doctor Who and the history behind him.

The Companions

It also covers the lesser-known companions and villains from the show, offering insights and a behind the scenes explanation of how they became a part of the Rho family. In essence, Doctor Who the complete history is a book for anyone who loves Doctor Who or for those who are fans of the classic TV series but want to know more.

Why People Love the Doctor?

Millions of people love Doctor Who, and it's not hard to imagine another piece of pop culture that will affect future generations. The television series alone has created a legion of dedicated fans all over the world. It provides everything that any fan of the Who loves about Doctor Who and gives it a contemporary, fun, and even slightly tongue-in-cheek touch. So whether you're a lifelong fan or just discovering the Who for the first time, there's no doubt that you'll be excited about the future of Doctor Who.

The Future of Doctor Who

The New Adventures of Doctor Who, the latest series featured on the television screen, has gained immense popularity among the masses. Even before airing the first episode on the TV networks, people were already looking forward to this new series. Moreover, the show's success has led to various other related shows also being created by Doctor Who himself. These shows have added fuel to the fire as fans continue to create theories and speculations about the Doctor Who series and whatever is in his mind or the story. The fans have developed various approaches about the mysterious Doctor, his companions, and the enemies he may encounter while battling the evil Time Lord known as the Master.
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