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8 Birthday Gift Ideas for Special Milestones

Looking for a remarkable gift for special milestones? The following gift ideas can also be an ideal gift for another special. The following gifts can also be ideal gifts for wedding anniversary gift ideas, debut gift ideas, Christmas gift ideas, graduation gift ideas and many more. Borat Mankini might be the perfect one you are looking for. Aside from this, we’ve got the items that you are looking for. Even if your budget is tight, we got you perfectly covered. People are funny. When we were kids, we couldn’t wait till our next birthday. The day when we feel the most special. Thus, we tend to wish for time to fly fast. So that we’ll yet again experience that prised day when people greet us and give us presents. But when we get to adulthood. We realise we want to go back to being kids again. Funny eh? But either way, we never stop counting every year as they pass us by. The same goes for everybody. So, when you need to buy a gift for someone else’s birthday, make it special for them. Because they can only stay at their age once every year, like literally. Be it be, the 1st, 16th, 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, and even 60th birthday, let them feel that same nostalgic thrill of having passed one year in their life all over again. And fret not, because whatever is the age of that lucky person you will be giving gifts to, we have all the items you need. Right here in LatestBuy! And to help you further, in this article we will give you an idea how people are like at every milestone in their life. So that you will know what gifts to give them.

Here are 9 gift ideas for special milestones in anybody’s life.

1. 1st Birthday Gift Ideas

1st Birthday Gift Ideas
Babies are just adorable. Their smiles are a piece of heaven. But your gift wouldn’t really be the cause of their smile during their first birthday. I mean, truth be told. They don’t really have a clue what that day is all about. So, when you are buying items to give to a one-year-old’s birthday, try not to keep your focus on their wants. Find them something that they will need and use for a long time. It should be something that is safe in case they chew on it. And more importantly, it should be durable enough in case they throw it or try to tear it apart. Also, preferably, something colourful. Want to see what we have in store? We have many in our 1st birthday ideas collection. And more in our birthday gifts for kids collection.

2. 16th Birthday Gift Ideas

16th Birthday Gift Ideas
Teens, especially 16-year-olds are often difficult to please. In fact, they are difficult to hang out with sometimes. Biology and psychology have a lot to tell in explaining that. But in a layman’s point of view, it’s simple. It’s a point in somebody’s life where you get a good look at society and would feel the most pressure to fitting in. Or even to be better than everyone else. Especially to your group of friends. They tend to be rude to their parents because they want to prove independence. And they don’t want to be called and be treated as kids. Having said that, in buying gifts for 16-year-olds, you will need gifts that would make them that you respect their aspirations of independence. As if, you really think of them as adults already. And that you believe that they can manage on their own. And we have plenty of those kinds of items just right here!

3.18th Birthday Gift Ideas

18th Birthday Gift Ideas
Hello, independence and hello life. The 18th birthday is the start of the freedom that they desired since childhood. But that does not really mean they get freed from getting gifts too. In fact, nobody should stop receiving birthday gifts. Buying gifts for 18-year-olds should just be easier now. Unless you are looking for birthday gifts for her. And I mean not to trigger anyone. But girls, no matter how much you pretend of accepting womanhood, you will always be that little girl you used to be. Especially in receiving gifts. You especially love the feeling of being taken off your feet, so to speak. Although the matter is not too complicated for LatestBuy to handle. We have just the gifts for 18-year-old girls and even 18-year-old boys!

4. 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

21st Birthday Gift Ideas
Work to pay bills! That’s the life of the average 21-year-old. They spend their money mostly to pay bills. Fret not, however, they are not that hard at life just yet. At least not yet. And every now and then they still get the pleasure of going places to travel and enjoy. Although for the most part, they are also still trying to chase or even find their passions. And that’s where you come in on giving them gifts. Especially, if you’re looking for birthday gifts for him. Word to the wise, his passion should be the very first angle that you should look upon. Learn what he loves. And buy a gift that would support it.

5. 30th Birthday Gift Ideas

People in their 30’s gets more pressure from society in finding someone to settle with. The problem? They usually don’t look as good as when they were in their 20’s. Which pulls their esteem down. Making it hard to actually make a move. Ironically though, at this point, most people either already found, or more probably are in the prime of their passions and calling. And are way wiser in life than they were a decade ago. Hence, their beauty is now more than what the eyes see. Yet, most of them still do not have the confidence to actually give it a shot. Nonetheless, being someone in a third-person view, your goal will be to just give them the friendship and support that they deserve. And on their birthday, give them something worthwhile keeping. Or something that will make them feel better about themselves.

6. 40th Birthday Gift Ideas

40th Birthday Gift Ideas
People say life starts at 40. But apparently, that’s a sham. Or at least, society should update that notion already. Because nowadays, 40’s is already the prime of most people's life. It is when the kids are already bigger. And marriages gets shaky. Probably, the most difficult part of anybody’s life if you will not disagree. But the emotional baggage gets better at some point. It will simply depend on how things will be carried out. Nevertheless, people in their 40’s are more family centred. And there’s your clue right there!

7. 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

50th Birthday Gift Ideas
At last, the kids are not kids anymore eh. Most of them are ready to face life on their own now and are leaving the home where they grew up from. Leaving, 50-year-old parents behind. Although not entirely. But you get the idea! Out from this scenario, you can imagine being 50 as probably a time in someone’s life when they start to look back to where they’ve been all these years. And smile to how they managed to go through all that. Sentimental gifts are best for people in their 50’s. It will be like giving them trophies to how well they managed life.

8. 60th Birthday Gift Ideas

60th Birthday Gift Ideas
No more reason to fear to age. At least too many 60-year-olds. Because it's easier to accept when you get there, eh? People in their 60’s have learned everything that they need to learn about life already. And it’s a time for retirement, no more need to prove themselves. Because they already have proven enough. Your responsibility to them is to make them special. And that you will never forget what they have done for you. Make them feel the happiest you can make them. And gift them something that would still put a smile on their lips. We have a huge variety of Birthday gifts for seniors. Only here at LatestBuy. People grow. And in every step of the way, they face different challenges making them who they are. But gifts will never fail to make them smile.

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