Different Type of Givers
Giving gifts to our loved ones is a great way to show them how much we love and appreciate them. Gifts are a particular form of expressing love, especially on special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, Easter, graduation, and other holidays. Although it has been traditional to give our loved ones gifts on these occasions, the trend has been changing recently. Many people now opt not to do so and instead buy gifts for their loved ones when they visit them during special occasions.

Giving gifts must be practised.

However, even if you don't follow this tradition, it doesn't mean that you can't still be thoughtful and give gifts to your loved ones during particular times in their lives. There's no reason at all why you shouldn't try to give gifts during these special times to show your love and affection to the person who's receiving the present. Giving is important for us and it shows how we love the people that receive our gifts. It just comes down to personal choice and taste. But do you know what kind of giver you are? Yes, there are also kinds of givers, and they are divided into types. You probably have not heard it before, but there are different types of givers, which might be the right time to learn what they are.

The Types of Givers

  1. The Genuine Gift-Giver
The givers are the people who give gifts because they want to, and they treasure you so much. Their intentions are undoubtedly for the best, and they are those who know you inside and out. These people are the best kind of giver because their intentions are always genuine and incomparable. These people are often treasured and loved by many for their attitudes.
  1. The Last-Minute Gift Givers
These people are often seen on special occasions like wedding celebrations, birthdays, etc. They are those who provide money as gifts as their last option. They do not prepare in advance; thus, they often end up giving monetary presents. Apart from money, vouchers are also becoming more popular as gifts. There is nothing terrible about giving cash as presents, but if the celebration is something very memorable, it is better to prepare something that your receiver will remember.
  1. The Gadget Giver
One of the most famed kinds of givers is the gadget-gurus. Most people who provide gadgets are fond of giving these kinds of presents to men as they are more known to be interested in gadgets and electronics. This includes PlayStation and other ways which will make the receiver more than happy.
  1. The Sentimental
These kinds of givers would go through any length to give you the best types of presents for their loved ones. They often base their gifts on their emotional attachment to their receiver, reflecting the gifts they give. They might provide grants like a photo book or any gift that is very cherishing and warm. If you want to know which Christmas gift ideas would be perfect for your recipient this upcoming Christmas holiday, we also have the perfect sentimental gifts on our list.
  1. The Status Hounds
These givers often provide gifts to show off their status and power. They usually do not give for the recipient's sake; instead, they exhibit their wealth to the public and the receiver. When you give gifts, avoid buying costly ones, but if you happen to do so, make sure to put emotion into the facility you will be presenting.

What Kind of Giver Are You?

As you can see, there are many types of givers, and one of those is where you belong. So, in which category did you fall? The bottom line is, you need to be the kind of giver that brings out joy and happiness to your receiver. Give presents not because you are obliged but give because you want to. In that way, you and your receiver will fully encounter the true meaning of giving and receiving.
Types of givers