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Hen party, hen night or bachelorette party is an event where a woman gets together with her friends to celebrate the end of her single status. On a hen night, girls are allowed to go out for wild partying and drinking. It can be a simple dinner at a restaurant or even an expensive and exclusive club. But it is the "how" and "when" that count. If you are looking for an idea about where to celebrate a hen night, then read on. When you have decided on the place, venue and date of your hen night, next comes the list of people to invite and which ideal hen party theme you are going to follow. You can choose to go all girls only or mix it up with guys, and no one will know what you are doing! To make the party lively and exciting, you need to consider some factors when deciding who should go with you. Let's look at some of the essential factors to keep in mind when planning a hen-night party.

The Drinks

When they think of a hen night, most people think of a room in a club where they can mingle with their female friends. A typical hen party starts with heavy liquor and dancing. The type of drinks that you serve your hen-night guests can vary depending on the kind of party you have decided to organize. Sports themed hen party might serve cocktails like a fine chaser, while a concert hen party might want to serve fruitier drinks.

Who are Your Invitees?

If you're trying to decide where to celebrate a hen night, consider the different types of events that you might want to celebrate this special occasion. Do you want to invite only close friends, or do you want to invite everybody? Is there a theme you'd like to follow? How many guests would you like to have at your party? All these questions should be answered before you start planning.

Where to Celebrate the Night?

The traditional destination for hen nights is a club, but that doesn't mean you have to stick to that idea when planning where to celebrate a hen night with your friends. Women don't have to head out to a male-only bar if they don't want to, and they don't have to spend a lot of money to get in. With the increasing popularity of craft fairs, it's become a fun (and affordable) way to bring friends together to do one big project.

At Home

You can even do it at home with just some food and a small table. You can even throw in a couple of theme kits or games if you want to take the event to the next level.

Spa or Salon

One of the best places where to celebrate a hen night is at a spa or beauty salon. Professional beauticians and masseurs can provide all the hen accessories and make-up that your girl's need for the party. You can add some personalized gifts for your girls, and if you are very budget-conscious, you can even have the party catered. This allows you to have the luxurious experience of having a hen night with your girls, all at the same place.


Another good place to have a party is at a public location like a restaurant or bar. If you have the cash or have other girls with you willing to join in the fun, then having a party in a public place is always an exciting idea. However, if you don't have the money to spend, find a great restaurant or bar where you can celebrate a hen night. There are plenty of establishments where you can have a party, and it is up to you how much you want to spend on your hen night.

Private Residence

Finally, the most popular place to celebrate a hen night is by heading out to a private residence. Most women love to celebrate a hen-night at their favourite home. However, if you do not have the funds to spend on a secret place, you might want to consider clubbing. Clubbing is more affordable than going to a private residence, and it allows you to have the party of your dreams. With the right amount of creativity, you can have a hen night that everyone will remember for years to come.
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