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Professional Mains Powered Bubble MachineProfessional Mains Powered Bubble Machine
Rotating Party Disco Light BallRotating Party Disco Light Ball
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Stainless Steel Dial-A-Drink Cocktail ShakerStainless Steel Dial-A-Drink Cocktail Shaker
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The 51 Most Popular Drinking GamesThe 51 Most Popular Drinking Games
The Wine Bottle GlassThe Wine Bottle Glass
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Your Guide to Organising The Best Bucks Night Party!

Bucks Night Party Planning Step 1: Party Ideas

Bucks Night, Bachelor Party, Stag Do... whatever you're calling it, the first step in planning is to think of relevant party themes. The obvious bucks' night ideas involve alcohol in a plentiful supply! Think of traditional bucks party ideas like a pub crawl; just invite a bunch of mates to meet at a local pub and drink your way from one establishment to the next! If that sounds too complicated and you're lucky enough to be hosting a Bucks Party in Sydney, you can actually take part in an organized pub crawl tour! You'll still need some of our Bucks party games before and after the tour, so make sure to get a couple of items from our suggestions of Bucks Party games while you're here!

Other ideas for Bucks Party themes include taking the guys to a shooting range (Melbourne has one), a day of paintballing, Bucks party on the Gold Coast, kayaking, camping weekend, fishing trip, casino weekend, rafting adventure, or stay at home and drink 'til things get crazy!

Now that you have some inspiration for a theme, you're ready for Step 2 in the Bucks Night ideas!

Bucks Night Step 2: Guest List

This one sounds easy, but put some thought into the guest list to ensure your Bucks party in Melbourne doesn't require casual acquaintances or old-school friends to travel halfway across the country! Also make sure the invited guests are likely to be comfortable with the planned festivities, for example: don't invite the vicar to a pub crawl and maybe skip the groom's grandpa for a party at a shooting range in Brisbane!

Bucks Night Step 3: Games!

Bucks Games; this is where LatestBuy comes into the picture big time! Liven up the awkward beginning stage of the Stag Do with one of our many bucks night ideas from compendiums of drinking games to "Shot Glass Roulette" and more, we've got a fine selection of stag party games to get the Buck and his boys boozed up! Browse our bucks party games for Bucks Party ideas in Melbourne or Bucks Party ideas for Sydney. Our drinking games are just what you need to break the ice or jump-start alcohol consumption!

Bucks Night Gifts

Whether you're holding the Bucks Night at a Gold Coast shooting range or going clay shooting in Melbourne, be sure to get some gifts for the groom in time for the big night! Our suggestions range from classy barware to novelty gag gifts, so you can choose something that fits the groom's personality or style. If you're doing party gifts for the guys, we can set you up with something tasteful or something completely lacking in's up to you!

Bucks Night Supplies

Both Bux party and Hens night supplies can be as tacky or as elegant as you would like them to be, but we have party supply items on both sides of the taste spectrum including lighting, sound, fog machines, and an extremely large variety of drinkware to hold the booze that will be flowing freely at the best Bucks night the world has ever seen!

Tips for Bucks Night!

You don't want to be a party pooper with a bunch of rules, but if you're the best man looking for tips for a mate's bucks night celebration, keep in mind a few suggestions in order to organize a bucks night that is both safe and will be forever remembered as a "legendary" bachelor party. First tip: fun and frivolity = good; alcohol poisoning or ending up in jail = bad! Tip two: pace yourself! It can't count as legendary if everyone passes out drunk at 9.30 pm! Tip three: whatever you do, DO NOT schedule the Bucks Night for the day before the wedding! Depending on the level of debauchery you're planning, you'll need a couple of days to recover, so to be on the safe side chose a date at least a week before the wedding.

The big night has arrived where you sign off your mate to a future of marriage. But don't spend your days wallowing in grief, get planning the bachelor party of a lifetime to bid him good luck! Start your shopping spree at LatestBuy to get ideas and accessories to throw a legendary bucks night for your main man.

Who's Up for a Drink?

Let's not beat around the bush where bachelor parties are concerned. You're all going to get drunk, very drunk. So at least make the drinking a part of the fun, by incorporating some novelty drinking vessels and hilarious drinking games into the evening. Check out our selection of bottle openers, shot and pint glasses, and hip flasks in this gift guide. We're down for the challenge of those heavy bucks parties, so equip yourself for every eventuality with our range of drinking devices.

Turn Up the Music

Alcohol alone does not a good bachelor party make! Sure, it plays a big part in the night, but you need some good music to accompany those drinking games without cards and funny challenges. If you're hosting a bucks party at home, invest in some gadgets that will transform the room into a first-rate nightclub. Minus the girls and sticky dancefloor that is. Above is a selection of sound and lighting equipment available on our website. Whether you upgrade your speakers or go all out with smoke and bubble machines and disco lights, it's up to you. Well, how good do you want this bucks party to be?

Gifts for the Buck

Every bachelor party requires a few surprises along the way. They can take the form of games, gifts, novelty clothing...or special visitors...but be sure to think of something that will give them a shock. If your mate has a good sense of humour, there's no limit to the ideas that can be brought to the table. Whilst we have a fun selection of gifts and games for bachelors here, you can also find heaps more novelty items for big kids around our website.

We can't promise you'll be able to rival The Hangover with your bachelor party, but with some of these cool gifts, accessories, and drinking vessels you can certainly do your best to rival any hen ideas brewing. Also, if you overdo the drinking then at least you'll have the option of as seen on TV exercise equipment for abs.


Everything you need to plan the best Bucks Party at a gun range in Melbourne or in your own backyard can be accessed from this page, but if you have a question about shopping at LatestBuy check out our FAQs in the lower part of each page on our site.