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The Age “Digital technology and mobile devices have added spark to remote-control flying toys…” Read more
Toss up: flying machines, The Age
“Get to grips with annoying car passengers or take flight with a helicopter and your iPhone with this week’s fresh gear. LatestBuy’s new 20cm-long chopper looks like any other until you pick up it’s remote – an infra-red dongle that plugs into the headphone jack of your iPhone or Android handset…” Read more
Must-have gadgets, The Telegraph
The Telegraph
The Courier-Mail “A GPS gadget for golfers, an impressive movie projector, and a remote-control helicopter are the best picks…” Read more
Fresh gear: The hot new gadgets of the week, The Courier-Mail
“Still scratching your head over what to get your lovely lady for Christmas? If you’ve been bad this year and not listened to the hints she’s been throwing out (and all women do, trust me) all year, I’m here to save your arse with these 15 geeky/gadget gift ideas that she’ll totally believe you thought of all by yourself…” Read more
Gizmodo Australia
Gizmodo Australia
Zoo Weekly “ZOO Man was a tad skeptical when the Wowee speaker turned up in the office promising to transform our entire desk into a bass pumping mega sub-woofer. But from the first plug and play, we were hooked!” Read more
“Everyone likes a silly toy or two, and LatestBuy has a few good ones; we have to admit, though, that our impetus for adding it to the list was the AU$35.95 Air Swimmer. But the customizable pocket knife is pretty good, too…” Read more
Best EOFY sales for 2012, CNET Australia
CNET Australia
Australia Post “…From Heatable Slippers to a Minty Breath Ball for your dog, the online store LatestBuy has products with a difference from around the world…The internet business was set up in Perth in 2003 by brothers Darren and Shaun Campbell, who identified the retailing opportunity after working in the United Kingdom…now, four years later, they employ eight staff and have their own dedicated warehouse and office operation…”
Priority Magazine, Australia Post (Feb ’08)Download full article (82 KB PDF)
“LatestBuy is a great place to go to find a gift that’s a bit different. Finding a suitable gift is as simple as selecting the Gift Finder, choosing a personality type, such as Techno Junkie, Couch Potato, or Big Kid, and clicking ‘Search’. Is there someone in your life who might appreciate a remote-controlled stealth bomber or some inflatable boxing gloves? The gift range is so unusual that you might like to spend a little time browsing through the categories or the list of top sellers.”
Australian NetGuide (Dec ’06)
Australian NetGuide
Family Circle “For fathers, brothers & partners…It’s a guy thing: you may not be able to understand why he needs a steam-free shower shaving mirror with a built-in radio or a 13-in-1 multi-tool pen, but he’s sure to love it. You will find hundreds of nifty gizmos, puzzles, and novelty gifts at LatestBuy, which offers a 30-day “no quibbles, money-back guarantee”. The quirky descriptions and user reviews make the LatestBuy website fun to browse, too.”
Present Drawer, Family Circle (Nov ’05)
Ranked #16 in Top 100 list: “Retro joysticks, bazooka guns, remote-controlled tanks – it’s FHM’s dream department store!”
For Him Magazine (Aug ’04)
FHM's 100 Greatest Websites!
New Woman “Some blokes are easy to please in the pressie department; for others, it becomes a torturous trek from pillar to post to a power drill. But with a little virtual browsing, you’ll find that wacky gift sites really are the Internet’s best-kept secret.


The $100 Challenge: To find three cool birthday pressies he won’t want to sneak into the St Vinnie’s bag when you’re not looking.

We put it to the test at…

Hours can be wasted here trying to decide between stuff like the Aspirin Cufflinks ($89.95), or the Party Bot, a robot that carries beers and cleans up after itself ($149.95).

However, we opted for a few of life’s essentials we figured every guy should own – the Executive Hammock ($24.95); Swedish Army Firesteel ($39.95) nifty fire-starter Survivor contestants would die for; and Toastabag ($14.95), which turns your toaster into a sandwich maker.

Total spent? $87.80 including delivery.

Pros… Finding cool pressies is a nightmare for the time-strapped, so this site is a good alternative. The price guide is also handy – even if you don’t stick to it.

Cons… You’re apt to rack up a massive credit card debt buying shower radios and rubber ducky vibrators for yourself rather than your bloke.

New Woman verdict… Gizmos you’ve just gotta own.”
New Woman (Jul ’04)

“Your one-stop-shop for puzzles, games, and much, much more! They even deliver anywhere in Australia!”
Site Scan, iiNews (Jun ’04)”No more hankies and choccies for mumsy, we’ve found some much fancier gifts from This online shopping center is packed full of entertaining gadgets. Check ’em out.”
INSPECT-A GADGET, Xpress Magazine (May ’04)
The Advertiser “Never has it been easier to keep up with the Joneses – let alone the gadget geeks. LatestBuy is an Australian online store selling everything from sunglasses for dogs and retro joysticks to eternal torches and aspirin cufflinks.”
NET ADVENTURES, The Advertiser (Mar ’04)
“If you love gadgets and gizmos for geeks or know someone who adores funny little gifts, take a look at This site sells all sorts of paraphernalia from the serious to the absurd. There’s some cute stuff on…”
Web Reviews, PC World (Feb ’04)
PC World