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Contigo Gizmo Flip Autospout BottleContigo Gizmo Flip Autospout Bottle
Contigo Contigo Gizmo Flip Autospout Bottle
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Contigo Autoseal Travel MugContigo Autoseal Travel Mug
Contigo Contigo Autoseal Travel Mug
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Contigo: Travel Mugs and Sports Bottles with Autoseal

How Does the Contigo Autoseal Work?

Well, the exact inner workings of the Contigo Autoseal are a secret of course, but we can tell you from experience that it really does work, and Contigo is ranked among the best travel mugs on the market! Your precious tea, coffee, water, or "whatever" will be safely contained in the interior of your Contigo travel mug or bottle even if it's tipped completely upside down! Yet, when you need it, just hit the button and the spout opens up so you can take a sip. After you're done, it reseals itself like magic! In addition to the impressive self-sealing lid, Contigo products can keep your drinks hot for up to four hours and cold for up to 12 hours!

Contigo Drink Bottles of Australia

We offer a range of Contigo products Australia-wide including a Contigo water bottle. If you're in the market for a water bottle to stay hydrated at the gym or during the day at work, the Contigo auto seal water bottle comes highly recommended. Unlike most plastic drink bottles on the market, it comes with the cooler than cool "Autoseal" lid plus it is one of Contigo's BPA free water bottles so you can hydrate to your heart's content without worrying about what's leeching into your drink from the plastic in the bottle. Check out our Contigo Sports water bottles… they are some of the best water bottles you'll come across with a clever little compartment to keep your keys, money, credit cards, or membership cards handy together with a convenient built-in clip to attach to your gym bag or belt.

Contigo Travel Mugs

Browse our Contigo travel mug selection and you'll find some pretty impressive stainless steel travel mugs as well as some cool reusable plastic travel coffee mug models. Contigo travel mugs have double walls to keep your drink insulated against the heat of the day or the chill of your office. Plus, travel coffee mugs from Contigo all have that amazing "Autoseal" that we've been telling you about so you don't have to be concerned about spilling coffee all over your car or desk. The mugs have features that make them a joy to hold in your hands such as smooth stainless steel curves or colourful grips and they fit nicely into your car's cup holders making them great to take on road trips or daily commutes.

Why Should I Buy a Contigo Brand Travel Cup or Water Bottle?

If you're concerned with being green, reusable travel mugs and reusable plastic water bottles are a great step in the right direction towards reducing your household's plastic usage. The stainless steel or BPA-free plastic Contigo coffee mugs and water containers can replace disposable plastic cups or bottles. It's helpful for the environment since fewer resources are used to produce a cup/bottle that is used once and thrown away. Even if the environment is not your top priority, a reusable travel mug or water bottle is also a money saver for you in the long run since tap water and home-brewed coffee are way cheaper than bottled water or coffee shop coffee even though it's pretty much the same thing! Don't forget that Contigo coffee cups and sports water bottles are non-spill and leakproof so spilling drinks will be a thing of the past! The only question now is: how many do you need?

Modern life is lived on the move, so why are we so underprepared for work, travel, and school? A few essentials can make that morning commute much more enjoyable, and Contigo champions all things convenience when it comes to hydration on the go. So browse their top range of water bottles and travel mugs.

Save Time and Money

Ditch the make-do attitude and save time in the morning and money on your monthly budget, by investing in a coffee mug or travel flask for your daily dash out of the house. You may think you don't have time to brew some fresh coffee, but do you really have time to stand in the queue at the café? Contigo has created a modern and practical range of insulated mugs that will give you your favourite drinks to go, for less.

Kids Water Bottles

No matter how much we try to train them, kids are unbelievably clumsy. So instead of working on a cure, why not focus on the prevention of those predictable spills by kitting them out with a water bottle designed for children? Contigo is just waiting to be a parent's best friend with its colourful range of auto seal kids bottles, a must-have gift from the LatestBuy back to school range.

Sports Hydration

You may not be as clumsy as the kids, but finding a water bottle that is up to the challenge of a morning run or the gym is no easy task. But buying disposable plastic bottles is a waste of money and pretty eco un-friendly. So if you're searching for a quality sports and fitness gift for that special fitness fanatic in your life, get them a sports hydration bottle that will go the distance for their daily routine.

Whether you're a caffeine addict or hot on hydration, Contigo has the minerals to keep the whole family fresh and healthy even when life moves at a hundred miles an hour. Choose a bottle or travel mug that best suits your routine, and never waste money on takeaway drinks again.