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Fred & Friends FRED Mr Tea Leaves Strainer Infuser
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Fred and Friends, Innovative Solutions for Every Day!

What are Fred and Friends?

Fred & Friends products are completely unique and you may not realize you need them until you see them. Their range of cool products includes Fred and friends items for the kitchen, home, office, kids, party, and creative products for life in general. All of the Fred and Friends products have one thing in common: a sense of humor! Most of them are either downright useful or just so funny that it would be rude NOT to get one for yourself and twenty of your closest friends!

Fred & Friends for Kids

Anyone who has kids or was once a kid knows that getting toddlers to willingly eat anything green is a thankless and mostly messy task. Enter Fred plates; get the "Dinner Do" plate or the "Dinner Winner" kids plate and suddenly dinner is fun and kids will be begging for a second helping of broccoli!

Fred and Friends at Work

Have you ever wanted to update your emotional status in the real world like you can on social media? With a Fred and friends "Daily Mood" indicator, colleagues will know at a glance if you're not in the best of moods and steer clear. Other creative Fred friends products for the office include a variety of humorous Fred mugs. The Fred & Friends mug category features such creative products as a "Tanked Up" mug with a beverage level indicator and a "Wake Up" mug with heat-sensitive tired eyes that pop wide open when you pour hot coffee inside! Get Fred FOR friends: mugs make great gifts for co-workers too!

Fred and Friends Kitchenware

Fred and Friends cool products are also available for the kitchen! What about some "Ninjabread" cookie cutters or Russian nesting doll plastic food storage containers? If dinner's going well (or if it's not), add a splash of wine to the pan and drink the rest from a Fred and Friends "Sauced" measuring wine glass.

Party and Drinkware from Fred and Friends

Impress guests at your next soiree with clever and funny products from our Fred and Friends collection. Innovative Fred products in this category include beer glasses that look like actual beer bottles (with built-in coasters no less!) and a Fred n friends wine glass/appetizer tray combo …we're SO glad that someone finally invented that! Browse through the selections on this page for the best of Fred and friends Australia-wide!

Give the Gift of Fred and Friends

There is no doubt that Fred and Friends have come up with some truly creative product ideas! Fred gadgets make great gifts for any occasion! Enjoy Fred with Friends whether you're just looking for a small gift to cheer up a friend or you're on the hunt for modern corporate gifts. From unique housewares to fun gifts for kids, Fred and Friends gifts are both fun and functional; they are bound to be a big hit! Look through our Fred and Friends collection on this page for ideas for wedding gifts, housewarming presents, Mother's Day, and any time you need to give a present with personality!

From feeding the kids to putting your feet up at the end of the day, FRED likes to inject a bit of light-hearted novelty into your daily life to lift your spirits. So whether you're drinking spirits or getting into the spirit of cooking, this quirky brand has designed some tongue-in-cheek kitchen and bar tools that are bound to tickle your funny bone.

Winning Family Dinners

Whether you have given birth to the cookie monster or you face the daily battle of making your kids finish their meals, FRED knows that a little fun can go a long way when it comes to family meals. These hilarious characters and addictive games will have your kids begging to be served their greens and eager to eat everything off their plates. You'll wonder how you ever managed with only the choo choo train to entice their cooperation.

One for the Grown-Ups

But why should the kids have all the fun? Just because you have bills to pay and a house to clean doesn't mean that you don't enjoy novelty just as much as the kids do. In fact, it's those humorous touches that make even Mondays bearable, so why not drink your morning cuppa out of a hilarious novelty mug from FRED, or opt for something a bit stronger in one of the other witty, sarcastic, or downright ridiculous drinking vessels from this collection?

Must-Have Kitchen Tools

They say there's no rest for the wicked, so if you're in charge of the cooking in your house then you want to make sure you have the right tools for the job. But the right tools can come in many shapes and sizes and even in the most menial kitchen tasks, these tools, and gadgets by FRED ensure that you squeeze a smile out of using them. These quirky appliances are a great way to shake things up in the kitchen, from cooking and baking to serving up your tasty creations to your hungry guests in style. Get the best storage containers in Melbourne. Throw some fun into cooking, drinking, eating, and generally anything to do with mealtimes, by choosing a few novelty kitchens and bar tools from FRED that will brighten up those family meals and weekend drinks.

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