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Showing 1 - 48 of 151 products
Hansa Realistic Hand PuppetHansa Realistic Hand Puppet
Hansa Hansa Realistic Hand Puppet
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Hansa Jack Russell Terrier (31cm)
Hansa Hansa Jack Russell Terrier (31cm)
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Hansa Tree Kangaroo (23cm)
Hansa Hansa Tree Kangaroo (23cm)
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Hansa Standing CheetahHansa Standing Cheetah
Hansa Hansa Standing Cheetah
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Hansa Black Tailed Rabbit (23cm)Hansa Black Tailed Rabbit (23cm)
Hansa Hansa Black Tailed Rabbit (23cm)
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Dog Puppet ToyDog Puppet Toy
Hansa Dog Puppet Toy
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Hansa Quokka Plush Toy (22cm)
Hansa Hansa Quokka Plush Toy (22cm)
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Hansa Tiger CubHansa Tiger Cub
Hansa Hansa Tiger Cub
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Hansa Standing Lion Cub (40cm L)
Hansa Hansa Standing Lion Cub (40cm L)
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Hansa Sitting Grey Squirrel (25cm L)
Hansa Capuchin Monkey (20cm)
Hansa Hansa Capuchin Monkey (20cm)
Sale price$34.99
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Hansa Helmeted Honeyeater Bird (10cm)
Hansa Wild Boar (29cm)
Hansa Hansa Wild Boar (29cm)
Sale price$30.99
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Hansa Grey Hippogriff (36cm H)
Hansa Hansa Grey Hippogriff (36cm H)
Sale price$82.99
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Hansa Chameleon Plush Toy (42cm)
Hansa Hansa Chameleon Plush Toy (42cm)
Sale price$21.99
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Hansa Standing Meerkat (33cm)
Hansa Hansa Standing Meerkat (33cm)
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Hansa Quoll Plush (57cm L)Hansa Quoll Plush (57cm L)
Hansa Hansa Quoll Plush (57cm L)
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Hansa Pademelon w/ Joey (27cm)Hansa Pademelon w/ Joey (27cm)
Hansa Hansa Pademelon w/ Joey (27cm)
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Hansa Mouse Plush Toy (16cm)Hansa Mouse Plush Toy (16cm)
Hansa Hansa Mouse Plush Toy (16cm)
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Hansa Grey Leadbetter PossumHansa Grey Leadbetter Possum
Hansa Hansa Grey Leadbetter Possum
Sale price$21.99
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Sumatran Tiger Cub Plush Toy 28cmSumatran Tiger Cub Plush Toy 28cm
Hansa Sumatran Tiger Cub Plush Toy 28cm
Sale price$24.99
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Realistic Macaw Bird Plush Toy 40cm (Scarlet)Realistic Macaw Bird Plush Toy 40cm (Scarlet)
Hansa Orange Breasted Parrot (12cm H)
Hansa Bilby Plush Toy (30cm)
Hansa Hansa Bilby Plush Toy (30cm)
Sale price$43.99
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Hansa Green Turtle (29cm)
Hansa Hansa Green Turtle (29cm)
Sale price$42.99
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Hansa Standing African Serval Cat (48cm)
Hansa Small Poseable Wombat (28cm)Hansa Small Poseable Wombat (28cm)
Hansa Hansa Small Poseable Wombat (28cm)
Sale price$26.99
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Hansa Echidna Plush Toy (28cm)
Hansa Hansa Echidna Plush Toy (28cm)
Sale price$30.99
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Hansa Cygnet Swan (20cm H)
Hansa Hansa Cygnet Swan (20cm H)
Sale price$15.99
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Hansa Tarsier w/ Turning Head (15cm H)
Hansa Standing Sugar Glider (22cm H)
Hansa Standing Brush Tail Possum (21cm)
Hansa Spotted Hyena (35cm)
Hansa Hansa Spotted Hyena (35cm)
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Hansa Rag Doll Kitten (26cm L)
Hansa Hansa Rag Doll Kitten (26cm L)
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Hansa Rabbit Plush Toy (20cm)
Hansa Hansa Rabbit Plush Toy (20cm)
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Hansa Plains Wanderer (19cm H)Hansa Plains Wanderer (19cm H)
Hansa Hansa Plains Wanderer (19cm H)
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Hansa Numbat Plush Toy (30cm)
Hansa Hansa Numbat Plush Toy (30cm)
Sale price$45.99
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Hansa Hyacinth Macaw (50cm L)
Hansa Hansa Hyacinth Macaw (50cm L)
Sale price$30.99
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Hansa Grey/White Guinea Pig (20cm L)
Hansa Grey Cockatiel (23cm)
Hansa Hansa Grey Cockatiel (23cm)
Sale price$28.99
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Hansa Frilled Neck Lizard (40cm)Hansa Frilled Neck Lizard (40cm)
Hansa Hansa Frilled Neck Lizard (40cm)
Sale price$34.99
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Hansa Emporer Tamarin (20cm)
Hansa Hansa Emporer Tamarin (20cm)
Sale price$34.99
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Hansa Dragonfly (33cm)
Hansa Hansa Dragonfly (33cm)
Sale price$45.99
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Hansa Cassowary Baby (16cm H)
Hansa Hansa Cassowary Baby (16cm H)
Sale price$20.99
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Hansa Bunny Boy (28cm H)
Hansa Hansa Bunny Boy (28cm H)
Sale price$33.99
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Hansa Diprotodon Optatum Dinosaur (36cm)
Hansa Cricket (35cm L)
Hansa Hansa Cricket (35cm L)
Sale price$33.99
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Hansa Standing Giraffe Plush ToyHansa Standing Giraffe Plush Toy
Hansa Hansa Standing Giraffe Plush Toy
Sale priceFrom $154.99
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Get the Softest, Cuddliest, and Most Realistic Plushies on the Planet, Hansa!

Our lifestyles may have been affected ever since the pandemic has travelled around the world, but don't let it stop your kids from experiencing all the warmth and fun. Here at LatestBuy, we bring you the softest, cuddliest, and most realistic plushies you can ever get your hans-a (and yes, that pun was intended). So read on and discover the fluffy, colourful, educational and fun world of Hansa!

The Creation Story In the beginning, child's play came from nothing. Children pick whatever they find and, like magic, turn them into a doll, a pet horse, a monkey or a bird; through their power of imagination. Eventually, humans learn to make toys from wood, metal, soil, and rock. Yet these animals and creatures were cold, hard, and less huggable.

So fast forward to 1880, the first soft toy was created in Germany. A soft toy was made. It was an elephant made from felt. It was originally crafted for use as a sewer's pincushion, but you know how children are! And this was how cuddly toys came to be.

Through time, however, people realize that soft toys are not just a child's companions. They had to be warm, cuddly, colourful, and educational. Because children, after all, don't just play. They learn and interact while they play, and to a child, toys are friends. Thus began a quest for the perfect soft toy companions. For years, one company has pursued this passion for soft toys that will help develop your child: Hansa. Let's see their toy selection here in LatestBuy by reading on...

The Basics: Pets and Fluff Children love pets, and sometimes they just can't get enough of them! Then there are also times when you just can't give your child the pet they always wanted yet. Getting them to learn how to handle pets can be taught through play, and what better way than to get them Hansa soft toys? Our pet collection ranges from kittens to various varieties of dogs like Shih Tzu and Golden retrievers, and even Hamsters. We have farm animals, too. From Hansa chicks to piglets, to cows, we got them all available and ready for your little one's farm!

Fur Babies for Babies

Got a little bugger who just loves animals? Hansa has the perfect squishy fur babies for your ankle biter! Check out our Hansa Wild Boar, which has the perfect size for being carried by little arms. Does your baby love to hug big soft toys? Then the Hansa Standing Polar Bear Cub is just perfect for your little one. Or does your child prefer a soft toy that's both huggable and can be ridden on? Then the Standing Snow Leopard, which is 122-cm in length, may just be the perfect new friend to have!

Fish, Birds and Bugs Have Never Been this Soft!

What do a Hansa Snowy Owl, Whale Shark, and Brown Spider Widow have in common besides being all animals? For us adults, it's easy to say that these three are all not mammals. The Owl is a bird, the Shark is a fish, and the Spider is an arachnid, the eight-legged relative to a six-legged bug. These, then have no fur, and we know that furry means soft and cuddly. Well, guess what? So long as it's Hansa, whether it's a honey bee, a Kookaburra, or a sea tortoise, it is still cuddly, soft and bewdy!

Learn to Love the Wildlife!

Children love trips to the Zoo and seeing animals in the sanctuary, but with the pandemic, outdoor activities are at a minimum. Liven up class with stories of animals in the wild, what better way to start with our own wildlife in Straya? Challenge the class to tell the difference between a Kangaroo and a Wallaby with their Hansa plush counterparts. Or, make happy little vegemites out of them by letting them experience "touching" the untouchable Tasmanian Devil and a Platypus... made possible with Hansa plush versions!

How About Going for a Wild Ride?

Has your child ever imagined what it's like to ride horses, lions, or even dinosaurs and dragons? Animal rides can be a fun and unforgettable experience for children. It's like one step closer to living their dream of going on adventures, like the heroes and heroines of the stories they read or listen to. And what better way to let them experience their imagination than to have a Hansa Ride-On?

You've just come to the right place. We got Hansa Hippos and Lions... and Triceratops, too! Do Your Littlies Love to Roar? And speaking of Hansa Triceratops, we got heaps of Hansa dinosaurs here at LatestBuy! Introduce your kindies to the friendly Savannasaurus as a starter. Got a kidding who loves flying? Get him to imagine being in the air with our Hansa Pterodactyl. And for that tin lid kid who tends to chuck a wobbly, challenge him with a T-Rex!

Let's Make Children's Imagination a Reality!

Imagination is a stepping stone to building and realising children's dreams. Liven up your bedtime stories with LatestBuy's collection of Hansa magical creatures! From Red Dragons to awe them, to Grey Hippogriffs that will make them imagine flying through the clouds, to the Bunny Boy soft toy they can cuddle to sleep, you can see them all here!

Let's Bring Home a New Friend!

Shopping for Hansa Toys here at LatestBuy is as EASY as three steps! First, at the upper left of each LatestBuy page, scroll down the list below the word "Brands" and click the word "Hansa". Next, scroll down to click your chosen item or choice or, if you know what you are looking for, look for it using the search bar. Third, we accept PayPal and all major credit cards for all transactions. Orders are often dispatched within one (1) business day.

Friend, We Would Love to Hear from You!

We at LatestBuy are more than happy to bring you Hansa Soft Toys, and we strive to bring you the best of our exclusive deals and the most convenient and easily navigable online shopping experiences ever. If you have questions on shopping, shipping, or any other related queries, go ahead and click on our Help Topics link found at the bottom of every page of our site. Or, you may also message us by clicking the bottom left floating "Chat With Us" button!