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Showing 1 - 48 of 274 products
Outdoor Magic 10mm Stainless Steel Gyros Plates (Set of 2)Outdoor Magic 10mm Stainless Steel Gyros Plates (Set of 2)
Outdoor Magic AC/DC Spit Motor (4kg)Outdoor Magic AC/DC Spit Motor (4kg)
Outdoor Magic Adjustable Roast Cradle
Outdoor Magic 6-Burner Flat Top BBQ Cover (65x205cm)
Stainless Steel Magic Wipes
Outdoor Magic Prongs for Rotisserie/SpitOutdoor Magic Prongs for Rotisserie/Spit
Outdoor Magic Professional Pizza CutterOutdoor Magic Professional Pizza Cutter
Outdoor Magic Plum Chips (1kg)Outdoor Magic Plum Chips (1kg)
Outdoor Magic Pizza Stone RackOutdoor Magic Pizza Stone Rack
Outdoor Magic Commercial Grade BBQ Liner
Outdoor Magic Barbie Hot Platter (Black)Outdoor Magic Barbie Hot Platter (Black)
Outdoor Magic 500g Apricot Smoking Sawdust
Outdoor Magic 20mm Stainless Steel Gyros Plates (Set of 2)Outdoor Magic 20mm Stainless Steel Gyros Plates (Set of 2)
Wooden Pizza Paddle
Outdoor Magic Wooden Pizza Paddle
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Ultra Premium Rectangular Outdoor 2 Seater Lounge CoverUltra Premium Rectangular Outdoor 2 Seater Lounge Cover
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Stainless Steel Spit Grill BasketsStainless Steel Spit Grill Baskets
Outdoor Magic Stainless Steel Spit Grill Baskets
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Stainless Steel Magic Spray Bottle
Stainless Steel Folding FirepitStainless Steel Folding Firepit
Replacement Mesh for Foling FirepitReplacement Mesh for Foling Firepit
Rectangular 3 Seater Modular Lounge CoverRectangular 3 Seater Modular Lounge Cover
Premium Rectangular Outdoor Setting Cover 7pce SettingPremium Rectangular Outdoor Setting Cover 7pce Setting
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Outdoor Magic Tripod Camping GrillOutdoor Magic Tripod Camping Grill
Outdoor Magic Outdoor Magic Tripod Camping Grill
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Outdoor Magic Stainless Steel Flexi Skewers (4x670mm)
Outdoor Magic Smoking PelletsOutdoor Magic Smoking Pellets
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Outdoor Magic One Piece Spit Shaft 940mm
Outdoor Magic Non-Stick Spit Tumble BasketOutdoor Magic Non-Stick Spit Tumble Basket
Outdoor Magic Mesh Grill BagOutdoor Magic Mesh Grill Bag
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Outdoor Magic Liquid SmokeOutdoor Magic Liquid Smoke
Outdoor Magic Outdoor Magic Liquid Smoke
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Outdoor Magic Hexagonal Spit Basket
Outdoor Magic Heavy Duty Rotisserie Spit Kit
Outdoor Magic Heat Resistant Waterproof Neoprene GloveOutdoor Magic Heat Resistant Waterproof Neoprene Glove
Outdoor Magic Chimney BBQ Starter
Outdoor Magic Beef BBQ Smoking RubOutdoor Magic Beef BBQ Smoking Rub
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Outdoor Magic BBQ Smoking Pellets Starter Kit
Oudoor Magic BBQ Stone Cleaner
Meat Tenderiser with Stainless Steel NeedlesMeat Tenderiser with Stainless Steel Needles
Market & Cantilever Umbrella Covers Premium (Extra Large)Market & Cantilever Umbrella Covers Premium (Extra Large)
On back order
BBQ Brush Scraper Scrubber with Long HandleBBQ Brush Scraper Scrubber with Long Handle
Aluminium Round Pizza Tray 280mm
Outdoor Magic Ceramic Pizza Stone
Outdoor Magic 3kg Apricot Smoking Chunks

Your Next Backyard BBQ Needs the Outdoor Magic!

Outdoor Magic is Breathes Fire!

Outdoor Magic has already established itself as a fellow BBQ fan, with an aim of creating wonderful moments amongst families and friends that will last a lifetime by taking care of your BBQ needs. They also offer BBQ Masterclasses to teach you how to be the perfect backyard BBQ hero. They know how to make an Aussie BBQ party even hotter because they are a 100% Australian-owned company. You don't have to travel far to find the perfect BBQ experience; thanks to Outdoor Magic, you can always go local. Here at LatestBuy, you'll find everything from tools for starting a fire to cleaning ashes.

Outdoor Magic is sure to breathe and live fire by making sure that you got yours right!

Let's Start a Fire!

Open fire grilling is the oldest cooking method known to mankind and up to this day we celebrate this cooking method but with improved tools and equipment.

First! Find a place where you can barbeque in peace. Install your barbeque in an open area away from fences and trees. To prevent burns, use long-handled tongs like the Outdoor Magic Locking Tongs (380mm).

The advantage of modern-day BBQ is that we already have a Chimney Starter. When you use Outdoor Magic Chimney BBQ Starter for Solid Fuel BBQ & Spits, you can easily light charcoal with a few sheets of newspaper; the coals will catch and begin burning quickly. On a windy day, a chimney keeps the coals (and you) safe! (Isn't that a fantastic help?)

It's also crucial to understand when your coal is ready. Trying to cook something before the coals are ready can lead to overcooking and/or burning, therefore it's not worth it. To achieve the greatest results, keep an eye on your coal.

Finally, but certainly not least, use a thermometer! Keeping track of the temperature of your food can help you avoid disaster. You can choose from a variety of Thermometers here at LatestBuy - our Outdoor Magic thermometer selection ranges from pocket-sized to wireless.

Yes, we have everything you'll need to light the fire and start grilling. Thanks to Outdoor Magic, starting a fire has never been so simple!

Wood Chips vs Wood Chunks and When To Use It!

The only way to obtain a proper smoke flavor in your smoker is to add wood to the fire. You may add wood to any type of smoker, whether it's electric, gas, or charcoal. LatestBuy offers Outdoor Magic wood chips and chunks, which are conveniently bundled and ready to use! Continue reading to find out which of the two you should utilize.

In order to get a quick blast of smoke, you can use chips. Smoke and flames will arise as soon as the chips are ignited - even if they are wet. Go for chips if you don't plan on smoking for a long time or if you simply want a tiny bit of smoke flavor. Chunks, on the other hand, are big bits of wood. Smaller than 2 inches, these pieces are ideal for generating smoke over a long time. With this method, you'll be able to cook longer and obtain more smoke without having to run out and buy more every 30 minutes. You should check to see if your smoker accepts wood chunks or wood chips.

These woods have one thing in common: they all produce powerful bursts of smoke that can make your food bitter. (Pro-tip!) Soak wood chips for 15 minutes and chunks for at least 30 minutes to avoid destroying the flavor. Before putting the wood on the fire, let it drip dry for a few minutes.

The choice between the two will depend on what you're grilling, as well as the taste that you're looking for! Nevertheless, as a BBQ enthusiast, we know that you enjoy grilling a range of foods, and having both Wood Chips and Wood Chunks in your BBQ Kit is the ultimate dream!

Burning Question: How to Clean your Grill after a Good BBQ?

You've just finished eating a fantastic grilled supper, and now it's time to clean up! The beautiful thing about our Outdoor Magic collection is that it includes everything you'll need, from starting a fire to sweeping up the ashes. The Stainless Steel Bristles and Steel Scraper of the Outdoor Magic BBQ Brush and Scraper will suit your grill cleaning needs, and the Steel Scraper will help remove any grilled residue after each usage.

Keeping your grill clean and scrubbing it (carefully) has never been easier. Our Outdoor Magic selection at LatestBuy is sure to have you covered from beginning to end!

Outdoor Magic as a Gift Option!

Do you have a friend who is always there at all BBQ parties or who is a grilling enthusiast? Then you won't have to worry about what to get them for their birthday or the forthcoming Christmas season! The large selection of Outdoor Magic at LatestBuy will provide you with plenty of gift ideas for any BBQ enthusiast you know. Find the finest product to fit their fiery personality. We do everything from making their BBQ party comfier to helping them in tidying up. When you give them an Outdoor Magic present, the next BBQ party you attend will be theirs! Be a good friend and support someone in ramping up their grilling arsenal. These items are only a click away, and we at LatestBuy will make sure they arrive at your door in no time!

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