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Showing 1 - 22 of 22 products
Pusheen The Cat SquishsheenPusheen The Cat Squishsheen
Pusheen Pusheen The Cat Squishsheen
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Pusheen The Cat MugPusheen The Cat Mug
Pusheen Pusheen The Cat Mug
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Pusheen Snackable Plush Potato Chips 24cm
Pusheen Shaped Travel Pillow & Eye Mask SetPusheen Shaped Travel Pillow & Eye Mask Set
Pusheen Toe Beans Plush Toy 28cm
Pusheen Pusheen Toe Beans Plush Toy 28cm
Sale price$38.00
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Pusheen Summer Sloth Plush Toy 30cm
Pusheen Squisheen S'mores Plush Toy 30cm
Pusheen Sips Roll-Down Pencil Case
Pusheen Knitted Plush (Small)
Pusheen Pusheen Knitted Plush (Small)
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Pusheen Patisserie Mini Backpack Keyring
Pusheen Pusheen Patisserie Mini Backpack Keyring
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Pusheen Meowshmallows in Plush BagPusheen Meowshmallows in Plush Bag
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Pusheen Espresso Yourself MugPusheen Espresso Yourself Mug
Pusheen Pusheen Espresso Yourself Mug
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Pusheen Chocolate Dipped Cookie PlushPusheen Chocolate Dipped Cookie Plush
Pusheen Stuffed Animal 24cmPusheen Stuffed Animal 24cm
Pusheen Pusheen Stuffed Animal 24cm
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Pusheen Squisheen Plush Sitting PosePusheen Squisheen Plush Sitting Pose
Pusheen Pusheen Squisheen Plush Sitting Pose
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Pusheen & Stormy Salt & Pepper Shaker SetPusheen & Stormy Salt & Pepper Shaker Set
Pusheen Stainless Steel Bottle
Pusheen Pusheen Stainless Steel Bottle
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Pusheen Snack Attack Cookie Cannister (Medium)
Pusheen Sips PlushPusheen Sips Plush
Pusheen Pusheen Sips Plush
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Pusheen Latte Mug
Pusheen Pusheen Latte Mug
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Pusheen Classic Bowl with ChopsticksPusheen Classic Bowl with Chopsticks
Pusheen PlushPusheen Plush
Pusheen Pusheen Plush
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Pusheen Merch for Fans of Pusheen the Cat

Where to Buy Pusheen Merchandise in Australia?

Why right here at LatestBuy of course! We have assembled an extensive collection of cute and cuddly (or not, we don't recommend cuddling the teapots!) Pusheen merch for you to love! From Pusheenicorn slippers to a Pusheen spa mask, you can be head to toe Pusheen! Also, take Pusheen with you when you leave the house with a Pusheen umbrella or Pusheen backpack! You just can't have too much Pusheen in your life!

What is Pusheen?

OK, perhaps you've been living under a rock or you were cryogenically frozen during the last ice age and are just now waking up, but Pusheen is an internet sensation (if you don't know what the internet is, please seek out the nearest teenage person and direct your inquiries to them!). The cartoon cat was originally in a cartoon strip and became famous as a Facebook "sticker" back in 2013. Since then, we've all been sending Pusheen emojis to convey our feelings on social media! Pusheen is cute and looks so squishy and huggable, she's hard to resist, and just seeing her may improve your mood!

Pusheen Merch and Pusheen Gifts

We've got a huge variety of Pusheen characters from classic Pusheen to Pusheenicorn and Pusheenosaurus, Pusheen Narwhal, and Pusheen Mermaid. Products range from stationery and drinkware to bags, coin purses, and, for sure, lots of Pusheen plushes! If you're here looking for a Pusheen gift, you might have a hard time choosing, so give yourself plenty of time to browse our catalog! Each of the photos above is a link to more info about the splendid Pusheen merch available here at LatestBuy in Australia! If you have any un-Pusheen-related questions (such as shipping times and the like) look for answers on our FAQ page!