Why Go Outdoor Camping During Holidays?

No more second thoughts on how to spend your holidays wisely - go outdoor camping!

Whatever the time of year, modern life can make us feel stressed and disconnected from the ones we love and we can only think of going on a vacation to unwind. We often think and plan on how to spend our holidays or vacation ahead of time. While some of us prefer to stay at home, some of us prefer to have some outdoor adventure. Sometimes, we disregard the thought of camping as the best way to spend our holidays as we are afraid of going out of our comfort zone. All we can think was camping is not easy, that it will be a hassle, that there are more ways to spend our holidays. But do we ever think of the benefits that camping will give us? Looking for great Christmas gift ideas for your family or friends? Why not consider setting up a camping event after Christmas? Don't you think it's fun to go out camping with your family or friends? It so starts planning your camping event right away and consider these as a gift for everyone!

Here are some reasons why we should consider camping:

"Camping is good for the soul."

Camping is good for the soul.

It may sound so cliche but going out and being one with nature will help us recharge, cleanse our well-being and improve our mental and emotional strength. Some studies say that camping will improve our mood, refine our sleep cycle, and even help with how we think of the world. We all know that one of the biggest health struggles we face today is stress and camping is a great way to reduce stress and to relax, a way you can’t find anywhere else.

"Camping helps with relationship building."

Camping helps with relationship building.

We don’t get much time to spend with our loved ones because some of us are busy with work while some are busy with school. Camping is the best way to catch up with them and get a chance to talk even late into the night. It helps strengthen our relationships with others as we only focus on them without any distractions from work or school. For sure we will all return home feeling much stronger as a group.

"Fitness and Health."

camping is good for Fitness and Health.

Fresh air. We may not realize how important fresh air is unless we go outside camping. The wonderful scent of the woods, there’s not much like it, especially in the city. Far from some of the exercise routines we all use on doing while at home, camping time is physical time. We can’t help but engage in physical activities that will help us improve our physical strength.

"Experience great food."

Experience great food while camping

Food tastes way better when prepared outdoors. There’s something about the camping food that we will never taste in any home-cooked meals. (We must don’t forget to bring marshmallows and cook it on our campfire)


Unplugged while camping

Unplugging in the world of technology. We must go back to the time where we don’t need gadgets to live in our daily lives. We all know that phones are a necessity nowadays but even just for a few days, we must consider reconnecting ourselves to the life of no gadgets. (Set up a “No Gadgets” rule)

"Develop new skills."

Develop new skills while camping

We must set up everything from scratch when we go camping. There are important skills that we can’t learn in our regular daily lives. We may learn how to set up tents, start fires, cook a new dish and many more.

These are just some benefits we can achieve when we go camping.

LatestBuy also offers some things we should consider to get that can help us for hassle-free camping:

Bob Cooper Survival Kit
32 components including first aid, water sterilisation agents, fire lighting tools, mini survival cards, water procurement bags, pocket knife, signalling devices, mini compass, assorted fishing gear.
Picnic Blanket 120 x 135cm (Grey)
Makes outdoors effortless and hassle-free. Fleece blanket PEVA liner Carry handle. Sit back and enjoy the company of family and friends with the Thermos Picnic Blanket 120 x 135cm (Grey).
Mains Powered Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
Repel pests using ultrasonic frequency shifting techniques.
Folding Bucket
Made from Thermo Poly Urethane Coated fabric which makes it waterproof (it’s also a PVC-free, food-grade coating, so you’ll be able to drink what you carry). It’s fully welded to resist abrasion and ensure water-tightness and weigh just 110 grams (less than a bar of chocolate) and will unfold to hold a very useful 20 litres!
Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Dry Sack
Tough yet flexible and is designed to keep your stuff dry in the great outdoors! It is made from a special waterproof polyurethane-coated Siliconized Cordura with a watertight, non-wicking Hypalon roll-top and stiffener for secure closure.
Pocket Shower
Made from heat resistant water-proof fabric – which means two very important things; One, it can take and hold boiling hot water (much hotter than you’ll ever want on your skin) and two, when you’re done, it will fold up into a size that will fit in your pocket (or the side of your backpack).
Bob Cooper Help Survival Blanket
The bright yellow, pocket-sized, light-weight blanket is designed to assist people to be rescued by signalling that emergency assistance is required now. Clearly displaying the word HELP, it satisfies three of the priorities for survival in any climate or condition warmth, shelter and a distress signal all in one and it can also be used for first aid.
Gentlemen’s Hardware Wilderness Multi-Tool
The stainless steel tools held within the compact handle include a knife blade, a saw, a tin/bottle opener, a corkscrew, a flat-head screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver and a removable flint rod.
Sea to Summit Escapist Ultra-Mesh Bug Tent
Has a 15D Ultra-Sil® Nano tape seamed tub floor with a generous splash skirt and has a zippered door.

Some of the best memories are made from camping and adventures are the best way to learn. Camp. Explore. Discover.