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What Does A Good Gift Cost? Our lives have not been so simple for another year. With the pandemic posing a threat, we couldn't even celebrate our birthdays or anniversaries the way we used to. But now that people have more or less adapted to the new normal, why not continue this year with a happy note by reaching out, adding a bit of cheer to each other's lives? Another activity joins the list of things that are difficult to do during the pandemic: gift-giving. Though health and safety issues should remain a priority during this unfortunate season of COVID-19, social distancing’s side-effects can be harsh since you can’t physically visit family, friends, and other loved ones. Proms, graduations, birthdays, family vacations. A lot of milestones were dramatically altered or outright cancelled throughout the year. So before even getting gifts for such occasions, people tried to make up for the fact that they were lost in the first place. Apart from sympathy messages, gifts can let your loved ones know you’re thinking of them during the quarantine period. Whether to satisfy their cravings, improve their stay-at-home experience, or make wine nights at home fun, stay connected with your family and friends in these small ways because surprises can go a long way. Along with schedules filled with FaceTime calls, Zoom conferences, and separate-but-together balcony events, gift-giving can bridge the emotional and physical gap people are experiencing. Since stay-at-home orders are still in place, sending gifts is better than gathering together to celebrate. But with many non-essential stores closed, permanently or temporarily, and celebrations temporarily cancelled, what’s a gift-giver to do? In times of social distancing, when we can't meet our elderly relatives and loved ones, sending a gift to their doors could be a special way of expressing your thoughts. Fortunately, there are many ways you can still send your love. So Borat Mankini is one of the best gift you can give. Aside from that, ​we bring you a few gifting ideas worth considering.


Mugs are used throughout the day, from breakfast time through to supper. In times of difficulty or happiness, mugs are filled with tea or coffee or hot chocolate. Just one sip seems to make everything better. By giving a mug as a gift, you are extending a special reminder to someone that they are loved and cared about. You can't get more personal than that!


The Floating Mug

The Floating Mug

Avanti Hero 2pc Double Wall Glass Set

Avanti Hero 2pc Double Wall Glass Set

Coffee Plunger Let’s be honest; caffeine is a drug. A warm, brown, delicious drug that makes everything else so much better. Why not give them a plunger to make their own version of coffee? The receiver can have instant satisfaction!

Avanti Modena Twin Wall Coffee Plunger

Avanti Modena Twin Wall Coffee Plunger


Lamps are one of the best home decor gifts to give anyone. Functional, practical, and when chosen with care, they can enhance or alter the look of any room.
  • Motion Sensor Table Lamp
  • T-Rex Dinosaur Bedroom Table Lamp
  • Decor Combi Van Table Lamp

DIY Toys

Who doesn’t want to receive a toy? Especially, when kids were talking about. How about adding a little challenge to the traditional toy gift-giving? You can always choose a gift that will stimulate, engage and entertain them while learning at the same time!
  • DIY Electric Terrestrial Robot
  • Infrared Sensored Frilled Lizard Robot
  • RC Robot Arm Educational Construction Kit

Lunch Bags/Boxes

Lunch boxes are one of those little entities that become a very part and parcel of daily lives. However, did you know that an insulated lunch box brings even more features and packs in a more powerful punch? It is a great way to enjoy a multi-course meal! From delicious starters to mouth-watering desserts, the lunchbox with its vacuum technology will keep food the way it is meant to be, fresh and hot or cold!
  • Sachi Designer Insulated Lunch Bag
  • Sachi Designer Insulated Carry Basket


Buying gifts is never easy and is sometimes downright painful, especially if your loved one is a BBQ lover who seems to have every grilling gadget and piece of equipment out there. Do not worry – we are here for your rescue!
  • Coyote Chick ‘n’ Brew Twin BBQ Roaster
  • Single Beer Can Chicken Roaster

Custom BBQ Branding Iron

The barbecue enthusiast will absolutely love to literally leave his imprint on the steaks. What could be more fun than eating a personalized piece of juicy meat masterpiece by the chef himself?
  • Custom BBQ Branding Iron
If you still haven’t made up your mind on what gift to choose, you can always visit our homepage, and there you can see all the gifts we offer, from the type of recipients to every occasion you will celebrate! If you are looking for sale items, you can also check our EOFY Sale items! Though nothing beats giving a hug to someone you love, you can still bring a smile on their faces by sending thoughtful gifts that'll make up for the time we lost and celebrate milestones we have missed. Gifts don’t have to break the bank in order to be sincere. Although gift-giving can be stressful, when you do it right, the positive impact it has on growing your relationship is always worth it. Happy Gifting!
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