Top Birthday Gifts for Kids

Top Birthday Gifts for Kids That are Both Fun and Educational

Teaching kids can be daunting. But as parents or guardians, one of our greatest responsibilities is teaching our kids. The main challenge is keeping their attention. Because we all know kids are easily distracted by pretty much anything. The solution? Make yourself the distraction. And grab that opportunity to teach them. If your kid’s birthday is fast approaching. Then all the better! Buy them one of these 5 top Birthday gifts for kids that are both fun and educational. All the 5 top birthday gifts for kids can also be a gift idea for any other occasion just like graduation day or if they received a special award from their school you can have these gift ideas as a reward to your kids. If you are also planning to give them Christmas gifts these are also great for Christmas gifts ideas. How can this be your win-win situation? Using toys or gifts as educational platforms enhance retention. Especially with the number of time kids spend on their toys and the familiarity and relationship that they develop with them. This fact actually led to the rise of educational toys over the millennia. Therefore, grab your kid’s birthday as an opportunity to give this thought a test. This may work for your kids sensationally. So, take out your frustration of keeping their attention to teach them. Want some samples? Here you go!

5 Top Birthday Gifts for Kids that will give you the opportunity to teach them:

1. Kids Build-A-Meal Plate Set

Kids Build-A-Meal Plate Set - Top Birthday Gifts for Kids Having a hard time during mealtime for your kids? Try serving them lunch using this Kids Build-A-Meal Plate Set. It features the faces of their favourite animals. You can let them build it themselves. Thus, helping them enhance their IQ and creativity. They’ll be happy to eat a mouthful as long as their meals are served on these cute plates. They wouldn’t need to turn their attention elsewhere as their favourite animals will be right in front of them.

2. ChatterMate Repeating Kangaroo

ChatterMate Repeating Kangaroo - Top Birthday Gifts for Kids If you’ve met this comic item before, you may be wondering now how can this Kangaroo be among the 5 Top Birthday Gifts for Kids that are both fun and educational? Well, if you’ll be willing to reconsider, education is not all about teaching the lesson. It’s also having fun while you’re at it. Use your creativity and see the many ways this ChatterMate Repeating Kangaroo can teach your kids. Especially if this cute kangaroo already succeeded in getting your little one’s affection. You can teach your kid the alphabet and numbers through this chatter mate.

3. Italtrike Classic 16″ Spoke Tricycle

Italtrike Classic 16″ Spoke Tricycle - Top Birthday Gifts for Kids Remember the time dad taught you to ride bicycles? It was fun, was it? Or was the fun part only when you actually were able to get your balance together? Nonetheless, regardless of how many injuries you had, it was an experience you can never forget. Now that it’s your chance to teach your little ones. Better get them something more basic first, than letting them on the actual thing right on. And before you teach your kids balance in riding bicycles, it is important that their muscles get used to using the pedals first. So, make this Italtrike Classic 16″ Spoke Tricycle be on top of your Top Birthday Gifts for Kids list. And give this on their birthday and get a good start ahead!

4. Salt Water Fuel Cell Engine

Salt Water Fuel Cell Engine - Top Birthday Gifts for Kids Talk about fun, education and a bonding opportunity for you and your young ones. See their engineering genius by buying this Salt Water Fuel Cell Engine as your Top Birthday Gift for Kids. Have fun fitting all the parts together. And coming up with a 4x4 futuristic car that can climb rocky terrains and rugged surfaces. Purely eco-friendly, as you will not need glue to put the pieces all together. And with just a simple solution of salt and water, you can already get this car running for the next 15 minutes.

5. Skill Flux Scientific Toy

Skill Flux Scientific Toy - Top Birthday Gifts for Kids Did anyone teach you about magnets? Well, no one taught me, but I’ve known about them pretty much until it became one of our topics in Science class. Watch your kids stare at the magnetic sphere as it falls through the cylinder in slow motion. Well, they might not get the concept entirely, but they will be able to catch the general concept. Certainly, the coolest among the 5 Top Birthday Gifts for Kids if you ask me. Kids are pure and simple. Which makes finding gifts for them easier. But if you don’t agree and even after getting at this point in the article, you haven’t found your lucky gift yet. There’s no reason to fret. LatestBuy has many more Birthday gifts for kids in-store. After all, if there’s one thing I can assure you, it’s that by now your thoughts’ have gotten the inspiration it needs. All you need to do is to browse the site for more gifts and find your top birthday gifts for kids by yourself.

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