The History of Bachelorette Party
The Bachelorette party is one of the most exciting parties that women are thrilled to celebrate. We know what they are, and we know that bachelorette parties are incredibly awesome. It's probably accurate to say that almost all women would want to celebrate a bachelorette party before they tie the knot with the man they love. But when exactly did a bachelorette party first happen? We might not experience this kind of celebration if it weren't discovered and developed back then. So, when and where did it start?

The History of the Party

A bachelorette party is one of the most anticipated events in a woman's life. This is a single event where the soon-to-be bride get together with friends and family before she ties the knot. Traditionally, the party is always held at least a few days before the wedding.

Versions of the party

There are different versions of the bachelorette party, depending on the culture. In some parts of the world, a single evening party is held for women who are about to get married. In other cultures, the party can last up to a whole week. One of the most exciting bits of the party's history is the evolution of drinking.

The Evolution of Hen Parties

As early as the 15th century, pre-marriage celebrations have long been celebrated. Centuries ago, a traditional celebration was often held for the groomsman through dinner to celebrate his marriage. A long time ago, many occasions and traditions were held for the groom but none for the bride. As time went by, events held for the bride started to emerge. It was commonly kept as a luncheon with tea.

How it Grew

The event was created to honour the bridesmaid and was commonly hosted by her family and closest friends. It was only in the sixties when the women started to do more sophisticated and elaborative parties, which created the name Bachelorette Party. As the years went on, from sophisticated tea parties, the bachelorette parties have evolved, and it grew into the kind of bachelorette party that we now know.

What Happens in a Bachelorette Party?

Now that this kind of celebration has grown into a considerable part of almost all women's lives, we cannot deny that when this party is celebrated, there is a need to plan and prepare. So, what do we usually prepare if we are going to have a bachelorette party?

Party Supplies

Of course, you cannot make a celebration a success without decorations, foods, gifts, giveaways, favours, and everything that involves preparations. When we talk about bachelorette party supplies, we need to find the right place to get all the necessary things required for the party. If in the old days, supplies were not needed, it's changed now. So, think about the needed supplies for the party to make it memorable and exciting.

Games and Activities

Some parties cannot be completed without a game or two! Of course, let's include a hen's party on that list. In the older times, games played during the celebration are much more straightforward. Still, today extensive games are commonly played involving the bride and the other companions. The games usually cover the celebration's theme, and a drinking activity always comes with the ceremony.


The location of the party is an important piece you need to plan very well. Back then, parties may occur at the host's home or a relative or friend's home. But it has also evolved, and now there are bachelorette parties held in restaurants, clubs and outdoors. The places where hen parties take place are significant as it helps the people in the gathering enjoy more and savour the moment.