Unique Gifts for Our Valentine's Day Special

Ah, Valentine’s Day! The perfect time to give a gift to your loved ones like Borat Mankini. A time to pop up champagnes and woo a lover with letters and chocolates. But keep in mind, this occasion is not only for romantic partners. This gift-giving event is for everyone! It could be your mum, sibling, a friend or anyone you cherish. Now that this occasion is closing in, you must be occupied with what surprises you could bring to your mate. Facing this predicament, who wouldn’t want a good gift guide? Lucky for you, Latestbuy’s Valentine’s Day special is now open to cater for your needs. We have prepared awesome gift suggestions for all ages and relationships during this unique event. With our recommendations and products, there’s no doubt that your mate couldn’t be much happier.

Mighty Mug Go Non-Spillable Mug

Mighty Mug Go Non-Spillable Mug - Valentine’s Day Special Early morning paper works require a certain amount of caffeine in your hubby’s bloodstream. But he just can’t shake the feeling of accidentally tipping his cuppa coffee, bathing his papers brown. Mind you, that never looks good. Fortunately, amongst Latestbuy’s Valentine’s Day Special offers, we have the solution to your hubby’s problem. I’m talking about the mighty mug go non-spillable mug. The very name itself spells out its usefulness. Powered by SmartGrip technology, this mighty mug holds on to any non-porous surface. Along with its tight lid, your hubby’s sure not to leave any watermarks or leaks on his desk. Moreover, our product is made up of BPA-free quality material and a triple-walled design! With this incredible mug, make your hubby always think of you first thing in the morning. All the while indulging in his daily dose of caffeine. You may also include this in your Christmas gift ideas list. Not only will your hubby love it, but they will also feel the love all of the time.

Electronic Neck Tie Sorter Machine

Electronic Neck Tie Sorter Machine - Valentine’s Day Special Neckties are the linchpin to a man’s career. However, deciding which one to wear in the wee hours of the morning could be troublesome. Especially when it’s still dark and he can’t dare to turn on the lights because his partner’s still sleeping. But with Latestbuy’s Valentine’s Day special, you can finally save your hubby the trouble. Surprise him with one of our unique event’s items. Our electronic necktie sorter machine! This amazing gizmo can hold up to 30 neckties. And what’s more, this product has a rotating mechanism and a built-in light. Your hubby doesn’t have to blindly reach out for his old wrinkled ties anymore. If neckties aren’t enough, you could even use the electronic necktie sorter machine for your belt or scarfs!

QuickCapture VHS/Tape/Vinyl to DVD/CD Converter

QuickCapture VHS/Tape/Vinyl to DVD/CD Converter - Valentine’s Day Special Every couple must have a jam or a song they can both reminisce. This could be the guy’s first serenade or a ballad that the couple both danced during their younger years. A song could last forever, but the medium used doesn’t. Fortunately, with modern technology, Latestbuy has come up with a solution for you. With quick capture VHS/Tape/Vinyl to DVD/CD converter, you can convert those old records you both love to digital copies. What’s best about this gizmo is that you don’t need expensive equipment and techy know-how. You just simply plug one end into your USB port, and the other into any audio/video player. And it’ll just suck those records straight into your PC while maintaining good quality. What’s more, Latestbuy also includes Video editing software for free. With this product, preserving those precious memories is just one plug away!

Collapsible Boot Organiser w/ Cooler

Collapsible Boot Organiser w/ Cooler - Valentine’s day special To keep the fire burning in a relationship, a couple must engage in adventures and keep creating good memories together. And when on trips or in the outdoors, one must be prepared so as not to inconvenience the other. To avoid leaving stuff out on your dates, a collapsible boot organiser w/ cooler is a necessity. And what’s more, it can fold down flat and fits in your bag, bulk-free! With its poly canvas material, you can be assured that your stuff won’t fall off. Latestbuy also includes a leak-proof insulated cooler as a bonus. Perfect for a quality-time picnic with your mate this Valentine’s.

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