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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 products
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The Floating MugThe Floating Mug
The Floating Mug The Floating Mug
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Two Tier Microwave SteamerTwo Tier Microwave Steamer
Uniwide Two Tier Microwave Steamer
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Sofa Couch Armrest OrganiserSofa Couch Armrest Organiser
Uniwide Sofa Couch Armrest Organiser
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The Rug GripperThe Rug Gripper
Uniwide The Rug Gripper
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Magnetic Flyscreen Door ProtectorMagnetic Flyscreen Door Protector
LatestBuy Magnetic Flyscreen Door Protector
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Diamond, Tungsten & Ceramic Knife SharpenerDiamond, Tungsten & Ceramic Knife Sharpener
Uniwide Diamond, Tungsten & Ceramic Knife Sharpener
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Iron AnywhereIron Anywhere
Uniwide Iron Anywhere
Sale price$4.99 Regular price$11.99
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Cool Products & Gift Ideas from LatestBuy As Seen on TV

Why As Seen on TV Products from LatestBuy?

Did you ever wonder why as seen on TV products from LatestBuy make such great gifts? The reason is simple: because of LatestBuy, of course! We go to the greatest lengths and all seven continents, as a matter of fact (well, almost), to find and feature the latest, the coolest, and the most desirable products on the market. The ones that make the cut either solve simple, common problems for consumers – items that are genuinely innovative and useful – or that are simply just too awesome to resist. You'll understand what we mean when you browse our truly unique product range for amazing gift ideas sourced from Australia and around the world.

LatestBuy is the most convenient means of shopping for those must-have items you see on television, offering the choice and flexibility while eliminating the stress, effort, time, and petrol involved in traditional gift-hunting. And just to prove that you can't go wrong with your choice no matter what you purchase from LatestBuy, we even provide a 365-day quibble-free refund policy for those earth-shattering occasions when you think you have – screwed up, that is. Which is TOTALLY inconceivable. But could happen. Rarely. Like once-in-a-blue moon rarely. But not even that often.

How As Seen on TV takes shopping from 2-D to 3-D through your TV

The best thing about TV is that it gives you the opportunity to see – in action and in-depth – the latest and greatest products that LatestBuy, Australia's most revered online gift shop, has to offer. Shop LatestBuy products as seen on TV, and it's almost like you've got the real item in your hand before you actually purchase it. (To make it totally real, just click "purchase." Duh!)

Did our as seen on TV exercise equipment perhaps inspire you to acquire those rippling muscles you always dreamed of having and you just wanted a little more information before making that life-transforming purchase? Well, you can get the goods on each of our eclectic products as seen on TV from your online vantage point before you actually GET the goods – if you catch the drift. That's because here at LatestBuy, we believe features and details are what make all the difference in a product. Kind of like the way a personality defines a person. Have a look at the Battery Operated Clothes & Upholstery Lint Remover, for example. LatestBuy gives you the opportunity to get into the nitty-gritty, so go ahead, don't be shy! Feel free to count each and every hole on its shaving & vacuum head, as displayed; revel in its revolutions per second; be blown away by how many pills it can remove (and swallow, whole) from the surface of your sweater in one fell swoop; delight in its durable double-D batteries. If getting the details is what sets you at ease, then imagine what a great night's sleep you'll have after getting the lowdown on each and every one of our outstanding infomercial products.

With but a click of the mouse, go from the two-dimensionality of the image on the screen to holding the very object of your desire in real, live 3-D - and enjoy the gift-giving empowerment of LatestBuy. Give those TV stores a miss!

What are As Seen on TV's best products?

We don't mean to brag, but all our products are the best. We feature almost any cool, out-of-the-box thing you could possibly imagine, from fun to functional, with EXACTLY the perfect gift for anyone and everyone – even those who already have it all! If you're an accident-prone, incurably romantic couch potato, you'll probably be interested in learning about our battery-operated candles with remotes - the 3-piece Multi-Colored Remote Control Flameless Candle Set and the 3-piece R/C LED Lavender scented candles from Australia. Similarly, on-the-go vegetarians who abhor eating limp lettuce will undoubtedly be happy with the smart Salad to Go container, which includes a separate compartment for the necessarily leaf-wilting salad dressing, and a fork. And for those who want to increase their chances of a date, or aerobic activity, on a Saturday night, The Underwater Disco Light Show might provide just enough of a spark to get that je ne sais quoi going. Not to forget the Personal Electric Pedicure Set, a total no-brainer for sandal-sporting foot fetishists.

What it all boils down to is this: with our 3000+ products, many of which are so new to the market that they have never been seen before - we've got something in store for everyone, regardless of age, gender, personality, or species. And best of all, we make it so easy to search, thanks to our ingenious categorization system and gift finder, that even a trained monkey could do it. This means that you have no excuses! So whether you're looking for something like as seen on TV exercise equipment, to help sculpt yourself a statuesque physique in order to amaze all the neighbours while ostensibly mowing your green lawn or some funky, off-the-wall gadget that made you want to shop our TV offer products in the first place, such as the Acrobatic Table Top Robot, we've got it. This also means, BTW, that we've got you covered, both from the giving end and the receiving end. Though by "end" you aren't thinking head versus feet or hat versus shoes, by any chance, are you? Or the nether-region end, perhaps, which would mean underpants, skirts or trousers?! Phew! Just checking to make sure we're all on the same wavelength.

More fun, less money - As Seen on TV for you

While shopping our as seen on TV store, plan your next great outdoors escape with family and friends. As seen on TV, we have just the right stuff to make your adventure enjoyable! What about something special for that special someone? Or, perhaps, for yourself? What about indulging in special As Seen on TV products for you, like the soft, lovable Hug Me Cushion, which will give you lots of TLC and help you get a great night's sleep? With such unbeatable prices, shop TV products like the adorable 23pc Metal Cupcake Stand as well, and treat yourself to good taste and good times every day! After all, with all the thought you've put into finding the greatest gifts for others, you deserve to reward yourself with a few, too.

The LatestBuy advantage

Get help from our gift finder or just get ideas from browsing around our very latest-to-market, out-of-this-world gadgets, gizmos, gear, and whatnots. Each of our eclectic, hand-picked items solves modern inconveniences, enhances daily living, and affords the best, the most outrageous, and the most impressive gift-giving options around for birthdays, holidays, and all other occasions alike. Give cool gifts that bring value and delight to those who are nearest and dearest. Take advantage of our great prices and super deals, as well as gift wrapping and international shipping services, exchanges and warranties, and all that jazz – from the comfort of your own home. With just one click you can browse, locate, shop, and purchase with surgical precision, saving time, money, and effort. There are so many advantages to shopping LatestBuy As Seen on TV products – the smartest shopping resource around – that we truly wonder why anyone would choose to shop any other way or any other "where," for that matter. Be known as a gift guru: shop for the unusual, get amazing!